Eco Friendly Hard Drive Disposal

We support our clients in all aspects of current and forthcoming environmental compliance, including waste transfer, Duty of Care, Special Waste Regulations and the WEEE directive (Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment Directive).

eDR is proud to work with carefully selected partners in the U.K. and around Europe to offer the highest standards of compliance in electronic waste disposal, enabling us to provide the complete 100% secure on-site data destruction and disposal service we offer.

WEEE Directive

Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is the fastest growing element in the municipal waste stream. There are many hazardous substances used in IT Equipment including lead, cadmium, mercury, bromine compounds and arsenic.

The disposal of these substances creates a genuine threat of pollution to our water, air and land. The EC has issued the WEEE Directive that aims to reduce the waste arising from electrical and electronic equipment.

The WEEE Directive sets targets that 65% of IT equipment must be recycled.

By using eDR Europe’s services, your organisation can provide demonstrable compliance to the WEEE Directive.

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