Total Hard Drive Destruction - Visually Verified

Using the eDR HDC-V Hard Disk Crusher makes physical hard drive destruction a speedier, more economical secure option to a hard drive degausser or hard drive eraser. With visual verification of total data destruction speedily achieved on every crushed drive, your confidential data has never been safer.

Constructed from case hardened steel, the Hard Disk Crusher can crush up to 200 HDDs an hour. It drills through the hard disks spindles and physically ripples and tears the platters making it impossible to recover the data. Secure data destruction by crushing using the HDC-V is a simple and safe way to ensure that confidential information remains confidential by destroying it quickly, totally and permanently. Physical hard drive destruction means the data can never be recovered.

The crusher is completely portable and works on any domestic electricity supply without a peripheral PC or workstation. The machine has a maximum of 15 second cycle time for all drives regardless of their format. It’s super-fast and no configuration is required to destroy any type of drive. Just plug and go. Operation is 100% safe with a safety switch on the clear, reinforced door and because the 19" high HDC-V is fully transportable, can be used onsite, anywhere.


Hard drive degausser

  • Chamber Weight: 77 lbs.
  • Cradle Weight: 8 lbs.
  • Total Weight: 85 lbs.

HDC Features

  • Transportable
  • Standard 230v outlet
  • 7 second average cycle time
  • Crush over 200 disks an hour
  • Visual verification of destruction
  • Safety switch on destruction chamber
  • Durable and transportable
  • Simple, safe and secure

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